Six Ways of Increasing Your Google Page Rank

There are several ways you can increase Google page rank - several techniques can be used to get that highly coveted #1 spot in Google search. But first, what is page rank?

The Google page rank tells you how important a website is. It tells you how many sites are linked to another website. Page rank is denoted by the number 0 to 10 and the higher the number, the more important the site is.

The algorithm used by Google to compute the site page rank is highly confidential but we already have an idea on the different factors that they count. Some say it is the website link popularity that matters most. Others say content is also a big factor. There are others still who say that it's not simply the number of links that matters but also the relevancy of each link. For example, if your niche is "music production" and the links to your site comes from real estate site, you might not get a high page rank from Google because your links are not relevant.

Now that you understand what page rank is, let's discuss: how do you increase page rank?

There are a number of ways but here are several of them. First, you can join forums related to your niche. Make sure to put your own signature that has a link to your site. This way, every post you make is counted as a separate link and can help increase you website's link popularity. This also helps build your presence on the web - the more people who sees your site, the greater your chances are of having a regular stream of visitors.

Second, submit your site to directories. This is a good move as most of these directory submission sites are free. Third, you can also create articles and submit them to article directories. You can be a guest writer at a high traffic site and have a resource box at the end promoting your website.

Another method you can use to bring in targeted traffic is to buy text links from sites, which has a high number of visitors. This way, when people see the link embedded on an article, get curious, and clicks on the link, you get visitors redirected to your site! The more web text link you buy from a site, the greater your website link popularity will be! Sure, some of the visitors you receive might not purchase from your site, but the greater number of visitors to your site increases the chances of having a successful sale! Aside from this, once you build your authority on the web, this time it is the other sites, which will by web text link from you!

So you see, to increase page rank means you open new options for your site to earn income. It also allows you greater freedom since you can build high website link popularity from your home. If you own a site and do not have the time to do this yourself, there are Internet marketing professionals who can do it for you. No matter what you choose, only one thing remains - increase Google page rank and you increase your income.

by T. Allen

Google Trends For Websites Introduced

People working at traffic measurement companies are probably less than happy right now. With the introduction of Google Trends for Websites, a certain search giant is invading their niche.

Like most of Google's tools, Google Trends for Websites is free. Like some of them, it's interesting. Sign in, type a site's address (or more than one address, if you want), and you'll get to see a graph representing its daily unique visitor count over a period of time. Sites those people "also visited" and "also searched for" are listed, along with proportional traffic bars, as well.

This appears to present all sorts of opportunities for competitor research, ally-making, and general site-to-site comparisons. What keeps the tool from being "interesting" as opposed to "remarkable," then (and keeps us from thinking about bankruptcy in connection with Alexa, Compete, and the like) is that it remains to be seen how accurate Google's data is.

On the Webmaster Central Blog, R.J. Pittman writes, "Keep in mind that Trends for Websites is a Google Labs product and that we are experimenting with ways to improve the quality of the data. Because data is estimated and aggregated over a variety of sources, it may not match the other data sources you rely on for web traffic information."

Still, we feel fairly sure that a lot of people have just found a new way to spend the impending weekend.

By Doug Caverly

Google Gives Search Volume Data With Keyword Tool

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of decent keyword tools out there. Give 'em one or more terms, and they'll spit back a number of related phrases for which you should optimize. Only now Google's giving search volume data along with traditional Keyword Tool responses.

Real numbers, in addition to rough illustrations, will show up so long as you disable your ad-blocking software. (Adblock Plus people and/or Googlers might want to look into that.) The abbreviation "Approx" also appears, which is a little bit disheartening.

google keyword

On the Inside AdWords blog, however, Trevor Claiborne states, "These approximate numbers are intended to provide better insight into keywords' monthly and average search volumes than previously provided by the tool."

If this proves to be the case - we'd recommend doing a little testing - most keyword tools that don't come from Mountain View will be of comparatively little use. Webmasters and SEOs who stick with the old favorites may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Claiborne adds, "Remember, the Keyword Tool also provides several other keyword-related metrics that can help you select highly relevant keywords to improve the overall performance of your campaigns. You can easily view data on advertiser competition, search volume trends, estimated average CPCs, and estimated ad positions for keywords."

By Doug Caverly

Google AdSense, SEO, affiliate marketing are the buzz words today

The internet is a one stop shop which offers innumerable jobs or business opportunities of making money online on its path and the returns too are fantastic. You could make more money online than your previous job from the comfort of your own home by simply using your computer and the internet. It sounds too good to be true! This is not an illusion and its existence has many advantages too. There is no fixed working hours and you are your own boss. An internet based job accomplished from home help to generate a stable online income and is something that most of us would like to achieve. The companies online who provide work to job seekers are mostly reputed and legitimate. If you are apprehensive and skeptical about your abilities to complete the job, then you must search and find a job or start a business online that fits your bill. These jobs are simple and can be easily comprehended by the average man with common skills. The business of making money online can be done in your spare time and is a great way to earn passive income and let us face it; everybody thrives on that extra cash. Multi Level marketing is a major wage earner for many people and this is one of the best ways to make money online. Secretarial work, virtual assistant and creative writing and translation are some of the popular jobs Today more than working hard you have to work smart to make money online. The internet has opened a genie and there is scope to make millions of dollars over the internet. Businesses have moved from conventional marketing methods to the internet. Internet marketing, Email marketing, Google AdSense, SEO, affiliate marketing are the buzz words today. You can achieve all this and make money online by sitting in the cool confines of your home and with little effort. While you are sleeping internet sales business makes money for you. Are you wondering how? Well here it is. You can join any affiliate program that already exists. Nowadays anything and everything is selling online. Whether it is a holiday travel or cruise to some exotic island or beauty products or house hold articles, kitchen tiles, books , paintings everything sells online giving you the opportunity to make money online. May you want to pay of those extra bills or you would like to take a long vacation with your partner. Whatever your reasons are the internet opens more doors raising your chances to make money online

by Nadia Daud

How to Generate Traffic at Zero Cost

Wouldn't you want to generate traffic to your site without spending a single cent? Bet it would seem like mission impossible but wait, I will share with you some methods. To be frank, paying for advertisements is the easiest and fastest way. But surely there is no harm trying out some free methods. The only concern to be honest is that it may take a bit of time to judge the effectiveness. But it is still worth trying.

1. One good idea which I can think of is to trade links with other similar niche websites. This is a win-win situation. Both link-exchanged sites stand to gain when visitors to either site may have the tendency to click on each other links (vice versa). But, make sure you get a confirmation agreement with other webmaster before you do this.

2. Another great way is to write articles. Try to write articles that provide useful information such as tips or guides related to your niche business. Most importantly, do include your web link so that visitors reading your articles know where to go should they want to visit your site for more information. By doing so, you would generate traffic flowing to your site as time goes. There are many sites, such as ezinearticles, etc, which provide free articles submission and posting. Try it out.

3. Make good use of keywords and keyword phrases for your site. Make your site as informational and content rich as possible. Quality content counts too. With the right keywords, it is possible that search engines may place your site on higher rankings, at no costs.

4. Try out online forums. Do discussion and information exchange targeting your niche business. Present to others your fabulous expertise and build trust with other forum members. When people know you have quality stuff, they will make it a point to visit your site regularly. Think of it as free self-advertisement.

5. Last but not least, provide some kind of newsletter. Make sure you have the latest interesting and informational updates so that visitors will be entice to visit your site regularly, hungry for content. Moreover, people who like your site will definitely recommend it to their friends or relatives, thus generating more traffic.

Above are only some basic ways which can provide free traffic. There are a lot more which I can think of. So can you. All it takes is to put in your utmost effort and I am sure you will be able to have your site up and running with tremendous traffic flow.

Copyright 2008 by Anthony Heng

Make money with your own website or blog

You can also make money with your own website or blog. You can make money from Google Adsense, affiliate programs, lucrative advertisements and other money making opportunities. But it is only possible, if your website or blog is optimized by tiers who are looking for quality information and also by the search engines, especially Google and Yahoo that brings huge free web traffic to quality websites. In this ever-evolving Internet, there are fantastic money making programs that are waiting to be explored. The concept is Join free make money online in which you can make some extra money just by spending your little spare-time. And the best thing about these programs is that there are no charges for joining them.

So, do you want to make money online? Then look for many different means available on internet to make money online that includes surfing opportunities that are free to join and actually pay you money to surf, read e-mails, take surveys, and complete free offers. In addition, fun surveys on various website are also posted from time to time that give you purely amusement along with money. You will find lots of offers and surveys that are totally free - You just do them and you get paid. If the offer involves a trial period, just keep track of the expiration date of the trial and contact information like phone number etc, so you can cancel before the trial period ends. The offers with trial periods have huge payouts. But it is only possible, if your website or blog is optimized by visitors who are looking for quality information and also by the search engines, especially Google and Yahoo that brings huge free web traffic to quality websites. Keep also one thing in mind; before you start making money online, create a brand new e-mail address just for the offers, surveys, etc. that you will be doing from the luxury of your home. In fact , having multiple e-mail addresses and alternating between them helps in increasing approvals.

Some sites have also referral programs that allow you to earn even more and also keep an eye on that. The other funny method to make good profits is by watching & using videos thereby you can also win great prizes. The amazing thing about these programs is that these are 100% FREE. Another good method of making money is by signing up for affiliate programs and affiliate networks, and building content rich smart landing pages and small sites-including blogs- to promote your affiliate links to the search engines. You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. You can also make money with your own website or blog. You can make money from Google Adsense, affiliate programs, lucrative advertisements and other money making opportunities.

But it is only possible, if your website or blog is optimized by visitors who are looking for quality information and also by the search engines, especially Google and Yahoo that brings huge free web traffic to quality websites. Keep also one thing in mind; before you start making money online, create a brand new e-mail address just for the offers, surveys, etc. that you will be doing from the luxury of your home. In fact , having multiple e-mail addresses and alternating between them helps in increasing approvals.

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Google, Adsense, SEO, Is This Works

Google uses an algorithm to determine the search engine results (SERPS). The algorithm is based upon certain factors that include keyword density, Meta Tags, anchor tags, image tags, back links, etc etc .

If your site is optimized for specific keywords than you will rank better in the search engines. There are many factors but onsite optimization is a must. You can research and fine out the information yourself or hire and SEO. I have put together some Free Basics on

Overture shows you the bid price of certain keywords. Wordtracker show you the amount the term is searched. You can use a free tool to see all this at once.

Adsense / Adwords.

Google Adwords have a bid price to display certain keyword terms. Think of Adwords as TV commercials. Webmasters can put Adsense on there websites. Think of Adsense as the TV Program. If a viewer of your webpage clicks on one of your ads, you get a commission. That commission is based upon the price of the Adword. Google keeps about 60% of the bid price and passes about 40% to the webmaster or Adsense account.

The way the Adsense ads are displayed is determined by the Keyword Density of your individual sites. If you site is prominently about say Dogs then the Adsense will display ads about Dogs. However, Google in its new business model is now tracking IP numbers and providing more local ads. Think of the local TV commercials. They are not as expensive as the National Ads. Therefore you may have local ads that are displayed on your site that have only a$0.03 payout rather than a $5.00 payout.

If you optimize you site for your theme, or content, then you can generate more traffic to you sites based upon your keywords. The Google Adsense, will display ads relevant to your topics. If they are not displaying ads to our topic, then you must adjust your Density of your keywords in the body of text of the page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of changing your website, so that it is spider friendly. If your site is brand new it will take a few months for Google to index your site and be visible in the SERPs. This is known as the Google sandbox theory. Aged sites should already be indexed as long as the site has something for the spiders to grab. Excessive graphics, java scripts, PHP sessions are all not spider friendly.

To get spiders to come to your site often and grab your data, you must have links from outside websites to your site. This is the Coveted Page Rank factor. Page rank is only a factor of the amount of incoming and outgoing links to your site. Only a small percentage of Page Rank is attributed to the Google Algorithm for Search Engine Results at this time.

Spiders follow links, once there are links established the spiders will Crawl, your sites. They will gather minimal information. Several Weeks to months later, the spiders will Deep crawl you site and index all that is available. To speed this process along, back links or links to other sites is a must. The more links the spider can travel to get to your site the better. Linking to like minded topics is always best. You don’t need to buy LINKS. You can acquire links via posts in forums, writing and submitting articles, using a Blog post, submitting to SEO friendly directories.

To view the spider activity on your site, first go to your traffic stats. Look for the googlebots. See how often they come and the amount of data they have grabbed. You can also go to Google itself and if you are indexed view the Cache of your page. That cache date is a good indication of the last true crawl of your site.

To see if you are indexed go to Google and type in the search box, ( make sure the word site is not Capitalized and you replace he words your website with your actual URL). View the results. You should also repeat the process and this time leave out the www. , and just enter the Sometime webmasters leave out the www., but then look for Google using the www. Or link to sites using the www. Either way is fine, just pick one version and be consistent with www. Or non www throughout your website career.

As the spiders come to your site they will start to grab information, that information is sorted and returns the SERPS. Did you know that there are different DataCenters throughout the world that Hold that information? If you ask a friend on the say East Cost to search for a term and tell you where you site is in the SERPS, they result on the West cost may be completely different. As much as 5-10 or more positions depending on the activity of that keyword. For more useful tips & hints, please browse for more information at our website:-

SEO Web Design For Text

It is well known that the best way to search engine optimize a website in terms of its design is to keep it as free as of many bells and whistles as possible (including images, banners and graphics.) However once you have some excellent copy to put on the front pages of your site your job does not stop there. You should make sure your web design is going to nicely support that text as well.

First of all make sure that there is no Flash, image map bytes, java script or any other kind of multimedia on that page. The search engine spiders will read that as blank space. Second of all make sure that you include text for your image ALT tags as well as for all of your anchor tags.

Thirdly, you need to consider how your HTML code will be prioritized and arranged on the page. It is also absolutely essential that your HTML code is clean as well. It does not matter if the web page looks right. It is what is beneath it that matters most to the search engine spiders (the sloppy HTML scraps and ends of mistakes that you don’t see.) If this is sloppy enough your website could end up being ignored or repressed for a long time before it actually becomes part of any page ranking.

You should also never underestimate the impact of your site’s functionality and architecture on the search engines. An assessment of this is definitely known to be a part of many of the algorithms that govern page rank popularity on the major search engines like Google. If a search engine does not think your site is well put together it can simply ignore it. This means that nobody will ever see the clever search engine copy that you were trying to get the site’s search engine optimized architecture to support in the first place. That, of course, would be a waste of time.

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Seo - Tips On Making Seo Blog Content Look Good

It is highly recommended that you SEO your blog content. It is not recommended however that you make your blog sound stiff and technical for the sake of attracting search engines. When it comes to actually incorporating your keywords into your blog copy keep in mind that the best blogs are the ones that sound casual. Nobody wants to read a robotic repetitive piece of copy.

One key to keeping your blog looking neat and readable is to keep the content less than 300 words. 250 words per blog is idea. Keeping them looking reasonably uniform and the same length is also more visually eye catching and more likely to keep curious eyeballs on your page and not someone else’s.

Another thing you need to note is the way the headline of your blog article looks. Shorter is almost always better. Long search engine optimized blog titles don’t work if they are cut off at the end. Make sure that any blog headlines that you have are.

You should also make sure that your blog headlines are not too commercial or corny sounding. For instance a blog title such as “Make thousands a day using SEO!” is not going to work as well as a subtler phrase such as “How SEO Let Me Quit My Day Job.” Corny headlines look like spam to a lot of people when they get them on their RSS feeds so their eyes simply glaze over when they see something like “Hoodia Miracle Weight Loss Drug!” or “Grow Bigger Breasts in Three Days.”

Unless the acronym is very well known you are also supposed to stay away from using them as headlines in your blog. However this is not advised if your SEO title is too long as in “Valuable tips for Utilizing Search Engine Tips for Blogs.” It is much better to keep the language very simple as in “Top SEO Tips!”

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